Topics in this Chapter

Activity Context Menu

Move Activities to Other Subprojects

Add Activity Annotations

Create Activities

Insert Repetitive Activities

Insert Activity Groups

Copy Activities to New Locations

Split Activities

Add Extra (performed) Work Activities

Create Logistic Activities

Review Activity Lists

Change Activity Data

Replace Activity Data

Replace Activity Data Lines

Allocate Resources to Several Activities

Move Activities by Distance

Set Activity IDs

Add Activities to Hammock Activities

Add Activities to Summary Activities

Manage Baselines

Copy Activity Attributes

Enter Activity Progress (advanced)

Organize Activity Templates

Filter Activities

Show Activity Dependencies

Review Activity Resources and Cost Allocations

Enter Activity Details

Define Custom Activity Fields

Enter Activity Categories and Structures

Understand Categories

Set Category Properties

Set Contract Item Properties

Assign Costs to Contracts

Select Categories

Define a Activity's Display

Organize Activity Templates

Understand Calculations

Set Sector Type-Based Speed Profile Properties

Enter Activity Segment Descriptions

Set Activity Description Properties

Calculate End Distances Based on Train Setups

Set End Dates and Recalculating Speeds

Select Mass Haulages

Add Links and Constraints

Enter Coordinates

Review Floats

Enter Allocations (planned)

Select Resources

Select Accounts

Set Activity Resource/Cost Properties

Review Activity Resources and Cost Allocations

Calculate Input Values

Enter Allocations (actual)

Select Resources

Select Accounts

Add Actual Resources For Planned Resources

Understand Progress

Review Activity Progress

Summarize Activity Progress

Enter Activity Progress (advanced)

Enter Progress (simple)

Use Progress Dashboards

Set Up Progress Dashboards

Set Up Progress Dashboard Profile Lines

Understand Microprogress

Edit Microprogress

Resolve Microprogress Conflicts

Review Activity Notes

Add Activity Note Properties

Enter Activity Steps

Set Activity Step Properties

Enter Contract Items

Add Contract Items to Activities

Convert Contract Item Resources into Activity Resources

Add File Links

Create Activities

Edit Activities Graphically

Position Activities

Display Activities

Assign Display Types

Annotate Activities

Duplicate Activities

Copy Activities

Refresh All View Filters

Calculate Activities

Calculate: Duration

Calculate: Work Rate

Calculate: Quantity

Calculate: Length

Data from Calculate: Duration (Data from Profile)

Calculate: Duration (Speed from Sector Profile)

Delete Calculations from a Schedule

Link Activities

Understand Activity Templates

Edit Activity Templates

Create Activity Templates

Adjust Activities using an Activity Template

Understand Links

Create Links

Select Activities

Understand Activity Groups

Define Activity Groups

Edit Activity Group Ranges

Enter Activity Group Properties (general)

Create an Activity Group

Edit Activity Groups

Insert Activity Groups

Assign Activities

Set Activity Contract Item Properties