Add Pictures and Logos to Bars

Use the ... to integrate pictures/logos into the bars for a Gantt chart. The logo is taken from the category assignment of an activity itself.

Ways to access


  • Category group - Select the category group from which the Picture should be taken from.

  • Width and Height - You can specify the % of the height or width that the logo should maximum take. The proportion of the logos is always kept by the minimum width and height is cm.

  • Distance vertical and Distance horizontal - This is an offset value to move the text away from the border line of an Activity. Horizontal and vertical apply to a Gantt chart where the time axis is horizontal.

  • Position regarding Activity - This position describes where the annotation should be placed relative to the bars corner. The text can be added inside or outside the Activities borders of the Activity.

To place a text on Top Right Edge select TR.

  • Filter - Select an existing filter using the combo list or click the filter symbol to create a new or edit the select filter.

  • For Baseline only - The Activity description is displayed on the actual baseline and not on the Activity.

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Further information

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