Define Activity Groups

Use an activity group to define complex and often recurring activities. An activity group is a summary of several activities including their properties for a group. These activities can already be linked for a later reschedule. Each activity group is handled by insight Tilos like a sub-project.

Ways to access


Default: The default Activity group is used when new groups are created. The display attributes for the time distance view of the group are copied from that default view.

If in Tools > Options > Project the option Open Gantt chart view for Activity groups is set, then the Gantt chart view is opened to edit the Activity group. The text panel settings are taken from the default view, but they are kept on changing inside the same Tilos session.

Exchanging Data with other Programs

Use your computer's clipboard to exchange data types from this list with other programs and vice versa. For more information, see the Export via the Clipboard help topic.

Export using the clipboard

Fields that can be exported

Activity group name, Default, and Parent name

Note:  There is no Import to Clipboard button as the import of Activities is not allowed.

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Further information

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