Enter Allocations (actual)

Use the ... tab to ascertain costs and resources according to an actual date. You can carry out several bookings per activity.

Ways to access

Note:  This tab is only available if the Enable actual resources flag in the Options dialog on the Visibility tab is activated.


Using the buttons on the right edge, you can Add Resources, Add Accounts, and delete selected entries from the list.

By using the Button Add Actual Resources For Planned Resources and the Add Actual Resources from Planned Resources is opened.

If you have lots of entries on an Activity, you can show entries for a specific Date using the button Filter by Date.

Note:  You don't have to assign the Allocations (Actual) to the individual Activities of a schedule. You can create a separate Activity over the whole time and assign the Allocations (actual) to this. But then you can compare data not on the base of Activities, but on sub-project level.

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