Insert Symbols from Sectors

Use the Import Symbols dialog to bring in sector-based symbols from the library. These symbols are for distances/locations based on sector profiles.

Ways to access

  • Right-click in a distance cell and select Import Symbols from Sectors.

  • On the Insert toolbar, select Insert Graphic Object, specify a location in a view, and choose the Insert symbol from library.

Also see Import Data via the Clipboard.


  • Sector profile - Select from the drop-down menu a required sector profile.

  • Layer - Select from the drop-down menu a required layer.

  • Delete all objects on this layer before importing - Activate the checkbox to delete the existing objects of a current layer before importing a required symbol.

Confirm with OK or Click Cancel to leave the import dialog.

These created symbols are based on:

  • Sector Profile - For each line in the sector profile a symbol is created at the distance points of the sector. The symbols have to be created in the Symbol Editor. The name of the symbol created depends on the Sector Type. The symbol inserted is matched by the name of the sector type and the name of the symbol.

  • Sector Types - The values are taken from the properties of 'Sector Type', columns 'From height' and 'To height' are in %.

The symbols inserted are scaled to "Both axis" and the box point is always top left (TL).