Function Options

Use the Functions page to define which additional functions that should be available within Tilos:

  • Enable Activity notes - In order to document information, Notes can be created for every Activity.

  • Enable equations - Gaps can be entered within the distance using an Equation.

  • Enable contract items - Contracts with bit items can be added in the library and assigned to Activities.

  • Enable resources and accounts - Costs and resources can be entered for every Activity and evaluated in the resource availability information as well as in histograms, using the time and distance.

  • Enable actual resources - Additionally to the planned costs and resources, actual values can be ascertained at a certain point in time and compared to the planned values.

  • Enable progress measurement - Receive evaluations for the Progress, the planned Costs, and Resources as well as the Actual Data. This enables both the Dashboard (F12) at the Activity level and the view level.

  • Enable Activity micro progress report - If you wish to regularly ascertain the progress, but evaluate the project at a certain time only, use the Activity micro progress report.

Note: The seldom-used contract features have now been hidden in Tilos version 11 so they can be refactored for more powerful use in future integrations with BIM products, like Trimble Connect and Quadri, where the activities can be connected to object/contract items. Tools > Options > Functions tab > Enable Contract Items has been removed, as well as Tilos Explorer > Project Library > Contract Data node. If you have a project with contract data, it has only been disabled and hidden, but the data is still in your project.

Ways to access

  • Select Tools > Options > Functions tab (or click the Options icon on the main toolbar).

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