Use Data Grids

Use the data grids to enter and review activity and object properties. A data grid is a spreadsheet type view in Tilos. 

Ways to access

Expand and collapse tree elements

Select a row in a data grid, right-click, and select Expand/Collapse in the context menu:

Find entries in a list

Right-click and select Incremental Search (or press CTRL + I) in a selected cell. Enter a specific text ‘string’ by typing the characters. The first instance of the text string will be highlighted. Find the next matching string in the list (including in the following columns) by pressing the down arrow key. The more characters you type in the string, the more mode-specific your results will be.

Fill downwards in a list

This option allows you to fill multiple select cells in a column with the value from the first one.

Select any cell in a grid, press the ALT key, and drag your cursor down to select another cell in that column. They are shaded with a grey background. Instead of dragging the mouse, you may also use ALT + click to select a group of cells that are not adjacent.

Right-click a list entry and select Fill in Following from the context menu. All cells get the value from the selected entry.

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