Gantt Chart Context Menu

Ways to access

  • Right-click in a Gantt chart cell to access a variety of functions. The choices vary based on the cell's definition.

Gantt chart context menu options

Activity Creation

  • Single Activity - Activate the Insert Activity mode to create a new Activity.

  • Repetitive Activity - Open the Insert Repetitive Activities dialog to create multiple Activities in one step.

  • Insert Activity Group - Insert a related set of Activities in one action. This can save you time if you often plan the same sequence of Activities at different points in time and at different locations.

  • Global Change or Function Key [F10] - Open the Global Change dialog to change explicit Activity data and Activities.

Display Defined Range:

  • Gantt Chart Range - Open the Adjust Gantt Chart dialog to adjust the chart's range either for single Gantt charts and for an embedded Gantt chart in the cell of a view.

  • Gantt Chart Settings - Display the Gantt Chart Settings dialog to access the main settings for organizing the chart.

  • Group Settings - Manage Gantt Activity grouping.

  • Refresh Cell - Refresh the processed Gantt view.

  • Set As Default View - Set a current Gantt Chart as the default view.

  • Set Filter - Open the Activity Filter dialog to create new filters, edit, delete or copy filters, including pre-defined ones.

  • Structure - Available display options are:

  • Open All - Display all Activities of a project within the Gantt Chart.

  • Close All - Close all Activity groups.

  • Advanced - Open the Expand Settings dialog to select the required Gantt chart display settings.

  • Reschedule or Function Key [F9] - Recalculate the schedule or progress of Activities.

  • Dashboard or Function Key [F12] - Open the Dashboard Dialog to see evaluations for progress, planned costs and resources, and actual data.

Note: This is only available if a progress method has been defined in Tools > Options > Progress.

  • Zoom In - Move closer to the view, enabling you to see more detail.

  • Zoom Out - Move further from the view, enabling you to see less detail.

  • Print - Open the 'Print' pane where you can review print settings, select a printer, specify page size and scaling, set margins, the main axis scaling, bar lines mode, and a template view, and then print the active view.

  • Rename View - Change the active view's name.

  • Edit View - Enter a grouping character or filtering character, which are the base for grouping views or sorting views in the Tilos Explorer. You can also rename the view and add comments in this dialog.

  • Copy Display Settings - Copy settings (display attributes and the expanded state of levels) from an existing time-distance cell to your active cell. In the Copy Cell Display Parameters dialog that appears, select the cell you want to copy settings from, and click Copy. Your active cell is updated. Grid and border definitions are not copied. This function is helpful If you have multiple views defined in your project that show the same kinds of activities in another context of your project. The dialog shows the name and coordinates (where it is in the time-distance diagram) and the view name for each cell. Select one and click Copy to exchange the display parameters for the cell. The attributes from the selected cell are copied (all attributes from the Display tab, as well as the expanded state from the Summary Activities tab. Grid and chart border definitions are not copied as they are non-specific data from the current cell.

  • Expand/Collapse - Show what levels in the Gantt tree structure are displayed.

  • Incremental Search - Search for text in a list, such as the Gantt chart. Enter a specific text ‘string’ by typing the characters. Find the next matching string in the list (including in following columns) by pressing the down arrow key.

  • Set Entire View Range - Changes the scale of the view so that all Activities are visible on the screen.

Context menu for Activity group

Right-click the top level for any Activity group in a Gantt Chart.

  • Edit Column Setup -

  • Gantt Chart Settings -

  • Group Settings -

  • Create Calendar for Group - Also see "Creating Calendars for Grouped Gantt Chart Activities

  • Jump to Activity -

  • Expand/collapse -

  • Incremental Search -