Example of a percentage progress input

The planned activity has a duration of 25 working days. With regard to the Report date, 40% of the activity has been performed. Also see Use Progress Methods.

Figure: Percentage

The real progress estimated on site is, however, only 30%. Tilos assumes, from the 25 days that 7.5 are performed. At this point, a split is done.

If the start date of the activity has not been changed and there were no interruptions, Tilos presumes that this 30% was carried out within the last 10 working days; the performed part gets sized to 10 days. The incomplete remainder stays at 17.5 working days and is moved beyond the report date.

Also see Use Progress Methods.

Therefore, there is a new total duration of 27.5 working days for the progress group . The complete part is then shown as 36.36% considering the changed duration.

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