Define Calendar Week Definitions

Use the Week Definitions tab to set different models for weekly working time A week definition is based on day definitions and displays the rule of the current calendar; this rule always consists of seven (7) weekdays.

Note: To show the Week Definitions tab in the Calendar dialog, select Tools > Options > Project tab and uncheck the Advanced calendar interface box.

Ways to access

  • See below for how to open the Calendar dialog.


  1. In the Tilos Explorer, click + to expand Project Data.

  2. Then double-click Calendars to open the list of existing calendars and a preview of each in the working window.

  3. Double-click a calendar in the list, and click the Week Definition tab.

  4. For each Day Name in the list, select a Day Pattern. Unassigned day definitions are based on a 24-hour working time per day.

  5. Click OK.