Import/Export - Step 1

Use page 1 of the Import/Export Wizard to choose the exchange model you want to use by import/export file format.


  • To import or export XML data, you need an active license. Select Help > License Manager > Change License Mode to see if your XML-based exchange module has been activated. If you want to exchange data using one of the modules, contact your Tilos distributor.

See one of these topics first if you need to:

Ways to access

  • Select File > Import or Export, to start the wizard.


  1. On the first screen, define the exchange model by choosing a file format:

  • MS Project (XML) - This is a file in the native MS Project format that can be opened in Project without using a macro to convert it.

  • Primavera P6 - This is a file in the native Primavera P6 format.

  • XML Data (XML) - This is a file in a textual data format with strong support via Unicode for different world languages. This format is used to exchange data with other applications. You are able to transfer multiple objects in one exchange step.

  • Plain Text Data (TXT) - This is a single object exchange model, which means that during an exchange only one object type (e.g., only activity data, only resource data, or only link data) at a time can be transferred. The result is a data table that gets exported to (or imported from) a text data file or clipboard content.

  • Microsoft Excel (XLS) - This file format basically works like ASCII, but the data source is an XLS file and multiple objects can be exchanged.

  • Microsoft Excel report (XLS) - This file format generates a special XLS report with selectable information regarding activities and resources (this option is not available on import). The XLS report must be purchased and licensed.

  1. Click Next to proceed to step 2 or Cancel to close the dialog.