Add Polygons

Use the Add Polyline/Bezier Shape function to draw a polygonal graphic object in a view. Polygons are complex shape graphic objects. Segments of the outline can be converted into curves and edited with the Beziers points.

Note: We do not recommend the use of complex line styles for curves.

Ways to access

  • Click the Add Polyline/Bezier Shape icon on the Insert toolbar. Then click a position for the polygon in the view.


Create a polygon

  1. Click the Object Toolbar the button Polygon or select from the menu Insert - Object the entry Polygon.

  2. Move the mouse to the required position in the working window.

  3. Create the object Polygon by clicking and dragging.

  4. Create further points on the existing Polygon by clicking and dragging.

  5. Move the points in order to modify the Polygon.

  6. Use the handles to edit the Polygon with the mouse.

  7. Use the tabs Display and Position in the Details Area to edit the Polygon created.

Change a polygon using Bezier points

  1. Select an existing Polygon.

  2. Click with the right mouse button between two points.

  3. Select from the context menu the entry Convert to Curves.

  4. Use the Beziers editing points to form the curves.

Connect an ellipse with an activity

  1. Select the ellipse.

  2. Click and drag the yellow/red Pin Point onto an existing Activity until the mouse cursor changes to a large anchor symbol.

  3. Let go of the mouse button.

Set defaults for new objects

  • Select an object from the Insert Toolbar, defaults can be set before drawing in the Preset Toolbar. These settings will however be used for all objects.

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