Exchange Data with Trimble Quantm

Import data from Trimble Quantm

Similar to XML data import from Trimble Novapoint and Tekla Civil, you can now also import these types of data from Quantm into distance profiles using the custom XML Data importer:

Tilos v11.0 includes a template that is ready for the imported Quantm data. The template includes views prepared with applicable diagrams, as well as Activity templates for planning work based on the imported quantities and structures. Use the imported section-based data from Quantm to make a quick start on your schedule.

Quantm supports the exchange of the elevation values: Road and land heights as well as quantities for later task planning. Volumes are exported for the different earth types, such as cut and fill, as well as for the different layers: filler course, base course, etc. The data are exported in a free definable station number. 

Note: Depending on your project’s length, set the ‘slice’ interval so you do not overload it, When you export from Quantm, we recommend using 50 or 100 meters as the sampling distance. This is enough precision for scheduling and does not overwhelm the system with too many slices. For each slice, a part task will be created in TILOS. Again, this strategy depends on the project. If a project is longer than 10km, 100 m may be appropriate. If the project is shorter than 5 km, then 100 m may be too long.

The Quantm.hst template included in Tilso 11.0 has been prepared to accept data imported from Quantm; there are already prepared views containing diagrams, as well as task templates for planning tasks referring to the imported quantities in this template. Use the imported quantities for task planning. Section-based quantities turn linear tasks into curves, depending on the quantity between two station points.

Note: The default is a sample file located at C:\ProgramData\TILOS\TILOS11-Data\Exchange\Data\Quantm_Tilos_export_sample.xml

Note: You may need to press F5 to refresh the view.

Note: The Quantm project template (Quantm.hst) includes Quantm-specific activity templates (1 below) that are connected with imported quantities. Activities based on these templates calculate quantities (3) based on the associated profile and data field.

Note: When creating activities, the imported grid lines will support you in creating activities in the defined sections. E.g., Quantm has precalculated cut and fill grid lines. Cut and fill tasks are typically separated by such grid lines, but you can change an area’s grid manually to adjust these areas.



No diagrams are visible. 

Possible cause/solution

You may have used the wrong project template, profile file, or view range. Confirm that you have used the correct ones. If not, try redoing the import with the correct files.

Note: Data is imported in the format of the default distance unit set in Options >  Distance. It is possible that data was imported with the wrong distance unit. For XML formatted imports, there is a special distance unit in the template called XML Format. This format has a dot/period as the decimal separator. It might help if you use this unit as the default unit during import. The profile, however, has this unit assigned already.

When you have additional questions, your best source of help is the Tilos Community

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