Define Calendar Periods

Use the Periods tab to define more complex sequences for a week, e.g., a long week (6 working days) and short week (4 working days) could be combined within the rhythm.

To enable these complex and more detailed rhythm options (if not available), select Tools > Options > Project tab and check the Advanced calendar interface box; doing so will make the Periods tab (instead of the Week Definition tab) visible in the Calendar dialog.

Ways to access

  • See below for how to open the Calendar dialog.


  1. In the Tilos Explorer, click + to expand Project Data.

  2. Then double-click Calendars to open the list of existing calendars and a preview of each in the working window.

  3. Double-click a calendar in the list, and click the Periods tab.

  4. Click the Add Period icon to add a new period.

  5. On the left side, Enter a Name, select a start date in the From date list, and enter the Days in period (these days are repeated until the next period starts).

  6. On the right side, select a definition for the selected period in the Day Definition list; the first day corresponds to the selected start date of the period.

  7. If needed, select any unnecessary periods and click the Delete Period icon to remove them.

  8. Click OK.

Note: Watch the bottom of the dialog for Incorrect period warnings.