Set Program and Project Options

Use the Options dialog to specify all program and project settings. The options to set when you begin a project are included on these tabs:

  • Project and Project 2 tabs - Define general project properties, such as the project ID, drawing units, time, and day definitions.

  • Activity tab - Default activity settings

  • Progress tab - Progress settings

  • Cost Settings tab - Cost settings

  • Distance tab - Distance unit settings

  • Display tab - Global Line/Color/Bar Display settings

  • Functions tab - Activating/Deactivating Basic and Advanced functions

  • Snapping tab - Defining Activity and Object Snapping

  • Tokens tab - Rounding/Formatting and Settings for Tokens

  • Configuration tab - Basic Tilos Configuration

Ways to access

  • On the menu, select Tools > Options.

  • On the toolbar, click the Options icon.

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Change Project Settings