Adjust Gantt Chart Ranges

Use the ... dialog to adjust the Gantt chart range for single Gantt charts and for embedded Gantt charts in the cell of a view. All changes are validated on closing the dialog.

Ways to access


Adjust Gantt chart cell

This group is only enabled if the Gantt chart is embedded into a cell of a view.

  • Fit bar line height to show all barlines in the cell - If this option is activated, then with the given cell width, the bar line height is adjusted to show all barlines in the cell.

  • Fit cell height - If this option is activated, then with the given bar line height/width, the height/width of the cell row/column is calculated and set.

Adjust Gantt cell view range

  • Adjust view range to subproject ranges - Enable this option to adjust the view range to subproject ranges.

To edit details of the subproject click the icon 'Select Projects'.

  • Adjust to visible Activities in cell - Enable this option to justify visible Activities within a cell.

  • Adjust to - This option allows setting a start date and an end date for the view.

Further Options

  • 'Expand to next full' - select a required period of time from the drop-down menu [ 3h | 6h | Day | 12h | Week | Month ].

  • Keep scale and adjust cell width - Enable this option, which is only available for embedded Gantt charts.

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