Create Activities

Use the Insert Activity or Activity Creation function to create objects that represent construction activities in your project. For continuity and efficiency, you create new activities by selecting an Activity type template and then placing an instance of that Activity into a time-distance view. Once you have added an Activity, you should review and edit its properties to make sure it represents the correct timing, location, and work to be done. You can also annotate Activities to make the chart easier to read.

For each activity template, you can also specify a default summary Activity to which new Activities will be assigned. Then when you create a new Activity, the summary activity is automatically expanded in the view to accommodate the child activity. This also works if the summary activity is collapsed. When you create a new activity, the summary activity is automatically expanded so you can draw within it.

Ways to access

  • Right-click an activity in a time-distance view and select Activity Creation > Single Activity or Repetitive Activity.

  • Click the Insert Activity icon on the Insert toolbar.

Add activities to a view

  1. From the Tilos Explorer, open a view with an embedded time-distance cell.

  2. On the Insert Toolbar, select the Insert Activity tool.

  3. In the Preset Toolbar above the explorer, select the activity template that you want to use from the list box, or click an entry in the explorer under Library > Activity Libraries > Activity Templates.

  4. You can also subsequently change the presentation of the activity.

  5. Select a Default summary activity so that each activity is automatically associated with a summary when it is created.

  6. To create the activity, click-and-drag a rectangle in the active view's time-distance cell.

The start date of an activity must be before the end date, so always drag in the positive direction of the time axis (usually downward). An activity can, however, be drawn along the distance axis in either direction.

  1. In the Object Properties pane > General tab, enter a name for the activity.

To change an existing activity, select it and edit the time or distance data graphically, or change details in the Object Properties pane.