Distance Options

Use the Distance page to define which Distance Units are used as standard and if an Equation is used. This standard can be changed later on for Gaps or Data Fields.

Ways to access

  • On the menu, select Tools > Options > Distance tab.

Default units

  • Display unit - With which distance unit do you generally want to work with, e.g., Coordinates.

  • Repeat unit - With which distance unit do you want to work with within the Distance Scales for the interval.

  • Token unit - With which distance unit do you want to work with within the Token data fields, e.g. Distance.

  • Append unit to tokens - Displaying a distance in Tokens will add the Token unit symbol at the end of the number (e.g. displays: "1250m")

  • Quantity factor - With which distance unit should the value Quantity factor in Tab - Calculation be displayed.


  • Enable equations - "Gaps" within the distance can be entered using an Equation. Activate the option and select an Equation used as default.

  • Default equation - Select an Equation here as default.

  • Show relative coordinates in tokens - If you activate this option, the relative coordinates from the equation are shown within the data fields (e.g. Activity titles). You can also activate or deactivate this option subsequently!

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