Control Gantt Chart Diagrams

Use the Diagram tab to specify settings for Gantt charts diagrams under the Gantt chart.

Ways to access

  • Right-click in a Gantt chart and select Gantt Chart Settings from the context menu. Then click the Diagram tab in the Gantt Chart Settings dialog.


Diagram size

  • Mode - Choose at the Drop Down menu the following options:

  • Do not show the diagram - The input field Height is disabled.

  • Show as percentage of the window height - Edit the Height by percentage values.

  • Show with fixed height - Edit the Height within cm values.

  • Height - The input settings are depending on the chosen Mode, see the above listed options.

Diagram Content

The Diagrams are generated from the Gantt chart. The functionality of the diagrams is described in Chart Definition.

Each line represents one diagram that can be hidden on demand.