Add Lines

Use the Insert Line function to draw a linear graphic object in a view. Lines can be used for creating smaller sketches. In connection with Line Ends, this object can be used to distinguish information.

Ways to access

  • Click the Insert Line icon on the Insert toolbar. Then click a position for the line in the view.

Create a line

  1. Click the Insert Toolbar the button Line or select from the menu Insert - Object the entry Line.

  2. Move the mouse to the required position in the working window.

  3. Create the object line by clicking and dragging.

  4. Use the handles to edit the line with the mouse.

  5. Use the tabs Display and Position in the Details Toolbar to edit the line created.

Connect a line to an activity

  1. Select the line.

  2. Click and drag the yellow/red Pin Point onto an existing Activity until the mouse cursor changes to a large anchor symbol.

  3. Release the mouse button.

Set defaults for new lines

  • Select an object from the Insert Toolbar, defaults can be set before drawing in the Preset Toolbar. These settings will however be used for all objects.

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