Integrated View

The 'Integrated View' in Tilos is a layout-based view. It can be compared with the paper space in a CAD system. It contains the complete drawing including the border. The main space is described by a cell system that integrates different cell types; this can be a collection of cells that are created by the combination of columns and rows.

Use this most powerful view type for time-distance charts and to integrate different other view types.

The 'Integrated View' consists of columns and rows, building Cells:

Each cell has a cell type definition and displays cell content, defined in the Cell Settings tab. Cell Type defines the representation of the object. Cell Content defines which object is displayed. 

Table: Cell types

Furthermore, a cell can display only parts of the objects above by setting individual view coordinates, layer settings, or filters. Those can be set individually only for the related cell. Using this method, it is possible to reuse each cell content defined in one View in some different views.

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