Set System Layer Properties

Use the system-level Layer Properties view to create and edit layers (and their properties) to which you can then assign objects. Each cell has a Layers tab so each can have different layer settings.

Ways to access

  • In the Tilos Explorer, expand Project Data > Graphic Libraries > Layers. Double-click an existing layer or click the Add icon to create a new one.


Select a layer color for the display in a view:

  • Activity line color - Color for the Activity line.

  • Activity pattern color - Color for the pattern of the activity pattern.

  • Activity fill color - Color for the background of the activity fill.

The following options are available:

  • Default - New objects are deposited on the default layer. Only one layer can be defined as the default!

  • Annotation default - When creating new Activities, the annotation is automatically deposited on this layer. If there is not a layer set with this option, the annotation is deposited on the same layer as the Activity!

As additional information, the quantity of objects that have been set on this layer is shown.

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