Make Quadri Task Data Available to Tilos

  1. Back on the ribbon, make any required changes in the Design Tools section (1 below) on the ribbon. Press F1 for details at any time.

Note: You cannot create data outside of a task. If you do not see the options above, you might not have Connectors > Design selected. You can simply right-click a task and choose Edit task.

  1. Then click Calc. Basis (2 above) to open the Dynamic Query dialog.

  2. Click the Features button and check the box for each feature (e.g., cut, fill, structure, subgrade, etc.) you want to export to Tilos for scheduling as activities.

  3. Click Close.

  4. Click Finish on the ribbon when you are done. The results/output are stored in the tool and in the Features section of the Explorer. Doing this updates the model with your changes.

Important: Keep the Quadri project that is sending data to Tilos open when you work in Tilos.

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