Set Cell Properties

Use the Cell Settings tab to define the type and content of a time/distance cell selected in a view. On this tab, you can do these things:

Note:  Different cell types offer different settings within the tab.


Ways to access


Cell type/content

Master cells

Master cells can be either time-distance cells or just distance cells. See Define Master and Dependent Cells.


Visible area and scale

Defining the visible area per cell is one of the most important methods for selecting what to display. You may only display a part of the overall project area in distance or time. The result is then just a detailed view.

If these settings are disabled/read-only (gray), they are taking their values from a master cell (described above).





Advancing the view of WPA progress in set increments

Use the Earlier and Later buttons for a 2-axis distance cell to move backwards and forwards in time. These buttons make it easy to scan phased work over time in defined intervals. You can specify the time interval for movement from one minute up to hundreds of weeks.

Note:  Work phase planning requires a WPA license.

Custom y-axis

Use these settings to configure a distance cell to use a Y-axis that is based on a distance unit. This enables you to connect graphical objects in a distance cell with Activities to create a map that responds to schedule changes. Objects shown in these cells could be, for instance, rail tracks, building footprints, or other structures that affect work phase planning. You can display every phase of your project on such a map. You can also import/export data into/from such a distance cell.

This means that you can build any time-distance view on the basis of different distance cells (taking coordinates from each other), and easily define objects for different phases/different sectors for any track. This makes it possible to create different objects inside distance cells.

Note:  This setting and the Distance master cell setting (above) are licensed to the Work Phase Assistant. For details, see the Planning Phased Work with WPA help topic.

Custom y-axis

Note:  When you check the Y-axis box, the Distance Cell Settings tab appears with additional WPA options. For details, see the Setting 2-Axis Distance Cell Properties.

Other things to know:




Master cells