Add Objects to be Exchanged

Use the Profile Editor to select the objects you want to add to the exchange scope of the current profile. Items that are already in the profile are preselected.

Ways to access

Exchange scope

The information in the table below can be exchanged between the applications.

Table: Objects that can be exchanged


As a calendar is a quite complex object, it is exchanged in a fixed mode according to the XML specification. Only Name and ID can be set for this object. All sub-objects are exchanged in a fixed way.

Categories/Code (library)

If category assignments are exchanged for Activities as a sub-object to Activities,  then usually the category library should also be exchanged to have the whole tree available. However, if this is not exchanged, then the part tree of all used category entries is built.

Category library exchange has  2 levels:

Note: On export from Primavera, only those categories that are nominated in the filter are exported. If this is not explicitly named, the code library will not be exported.

Activity information

In order to update Activity, the field UID needs to be a selected exchange field.

How this field gets filled depends on parameter settings. (Tilos Exchange Parameters, Primavera Exchange Parameters)

Code assignments as activity attributes

In Tilos, the Category assignment is a collection to the Activity. This as a simple Activity attribute uses the tag Category1...5 and enters in the field Extra Parameter the name of the category group. If no assignment is done, then the field is exported empty.

In ASTA Powerproject, the same option is supported by the function "fun:GetActivityCodeLibraryEntry on export and fun:

In Primavera, the same option is supported using the tokens Code Entry Description (Description of code), Code Entry Path (Full path information of the code), or Code Entry Name (Name of that level).

In all cases, the libraries get automatically expanded.

Progress information

The Microprogress import needs an Activity identifier to be part of the import scope. The content of that needs to refer to the Import identifier settings in Tools > Options > Progress tab.

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