Set Gantt Chart Group Line Properties

Use the ... dialog to set presentation properties for one grouping level.

Ways to access


Basic Group Settings and Filter

In this group, the basic settings for the grouping criteria are set.

Note:  Sorting of the elements in the Gantt is done fixed by the alphabet of the grouping criteria value. For categories and  WBS, the path is used for sorting.

Group Presentation Settings

The presentation for group lines displayed in this level can be customized: You may set up custom Color, font, and separator lines.

The separator line can take the individual colors from the "Color Settings for headlines and Ribbon Groups". Check the Option "Use Color from Grouping" to activate getting the color from WBS/Category or Color Code.

Color Settings for Headlines/Ribbon Group

Besides manual Color setup in Group Presentation Settings above, the Colors can be taken from assigned Category/WBS or from Color codes. We recommend Color codes only for flat (1 Level) Groupings).

In all other cases, the color of the Category or WBS is displayed. The color of the WBS / category can be displayed in the library.

Each new virtual group entry gets the next color in the list assigned. If the last entry is reached, then it starts again from the beginning.

Presentation of Ribbon Group

This item applies only for Ribbon-based grouping.

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