Edit Vector Line Endings

Use the Vector Line Endings dialog to modify the display of lines or activities.

Ways to access


Edit the style of 'Vector Line Endings' inside the Vector Line Endings dialog.

Enter a Name as an identifier of the currently selected Vector Line Ending.

Beneath this item the dialog contains an integrated Vector Line Ending toolbar. Tilos Provides the following objects for Shapes:


Activate or deactivate the alignment of objects

The following preview indicates the Vector Line Ending style.

Inside the section 'Object attributes' set a user-defined attribute, the Width of the current Vector Line Ending.

Confirm with 'OK' or press 'Cancel' to leave without saving.

If the object should be created as an additional vector line ending and the current Vector Line Ending shouldn't be overwritten, press on 'Save as ...' and enter a different Name.

Confirm the input dialog with 'OK' to complete this process and to store the new Vector Line Ending inside the Graphic Library/ Vector Line Endings. Otherwise, press 'Cancel' to leave without saving.