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Synchronize data between Tilos and Connect as you make changes

As scheduled tasks and progress change, push the new information (tasks and files) from Tilos to Connect. If you import new IFC files into Connect, pull that task and file information from Connect back into Tilos. This integration enables you to understand your project schedule in the context of BIM objects in the 3D model. For example, if you select a road milling layer in Connect, you can see its start and end dates and progress.

  1. After you make changes to tasks, dates, or progress in Tilos, open the Trimble Connect dialog and click Synchronize Data. You do not need to save your project first.
    If you do not save your Tilos project, the data that was sent to Connect will remain there until you synchronize again. At that point, Connect will detect the available data on the server so it stays in sync with Tilos.

    • Upload Data - Push data (as you configured it in the Manage Content dialog) to Trimble Connect.

    • Download Changes - Pull new/modified data (as identified by the Property Set service) from Trimble Connect into Tilos.

  2. In Tilos Explorer, right-click Views > New View. In the Create New View dialog, select Connect changes as the Type of view.

  3. In the explorer, expand Views > Connect changes, and select Web changes to see the list of tasks created or modified in Trimble Connect. Use the options to cull the list by:

    • Not accepted - See the changes made in Connect that are not yet in Tilos. To bring this change in, right-click the row and select Accept changes.

    • All tasks - See tasks that appear in either Tilos or Connect, regardless of whether they have been synchronized or not.

    • Accepted in last <x> days - Use this to shorten the list of recently accepted tasks.

    • Selected filter - Apply a Tilos task filter to the list

    • Changes tab - Click this to see a summary of changes made to any selected task.

  4. Click the tab at the bottom of the Tilos Explorer to open the Task List.

  5. Click any task that is highlighted (using the Highlight task changes color described above) to bring it into focus in the active view. Review the attributes in the Object Properties pane, in particular on the Web Changes tab.

  6. Then return to the Task List to accept the changes to the task as needed.

  7. In the Trimble Connect dialog, click Manage Data to see the hierarchy of objects on the Connect server, and to perform all the administrative functions for folders and files (as you can do in Connect), such as:

    • Adding folders and more IFC files to Connect

    • Removing folders and files

    • Organizing tasks into subgroups.

    • Exporting XML files of the tasks shown for use in other software like Microsoft Project

    • Rearranging your Connect project

  8. Select the project you want to manage in the left pane.

  9. Select folders and files in the right pane and use the icons on the right to perform the administrative tasks.

  10. To refresh changes made in Connect in this dialog, click Refresh from Server. Changes you make in Tilos are refreshed in Connect automatically.

  11. In Connect, select a task and click the Info pane to see any new/modified properties pushed from Tilos.

  12. Click the Edit icon to make changes to attributes, including the percentage of Progress.

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