Review Activity Progress

Use the Progress tab to see the performance of an activity. It is only visible if it is enabled in Tools > Options > Functions.

Tilos has different progress modes implemented.

Ways to access

Progress methods

Simple progress methods

This method is implemented to allow a simple data import from other applications.

In this mode, no distance information is added to the activity. User enters for a given report date or data date the progress in % or in the Activity quantity unit. As a result, the activities are filled from beginning to the progress point (the % values entered). As this is the most used way of progress entry in standard project management applications, this information can be easily exchanged by a single attribute on activity level.

The following options can be set in Dialog - Options - Activity to reflect the current progress situation in reschedule.

Advanced progress methods

In Tilos, we recommend using the enhanced models (see below), especially for quantity measured progress analysis.

The user enters the following data for each progress report:

These 4 values describe where and in what time frame the work has been performed. But to measure the progress achieved, or the earned value, other information may be needed. This is determined by which of the following progress  models is selected:

In this mode, the user enters the section that is progressed, here from kp 4 to kp 5. From the total planned, 8 000 were performed.  

Tilos calculated the remaining 8 913 in the progressed section and shows this work left beyond report date as a straight Activity.

Percentage (split activity) Progress is measured by adding the entered % values from the performed activities. The percentage is entered. No distance coordinates can be entered, they are calculated based on % progress.

With each progress entry, the remaining activity is shortened and the executed part is printed in the exact position where the work was reported.


The same section can be reported multiple times, if the total amount of work is not performed in one time period.

Reschedule options

Note:  If you have created progress for an activity, the Progress Method can no longer be changed! You can decide which Progress Method is used as standard for an activity in the activity templates.

If progress mode is one of the simple models, the 2 further fields are visible:

Activity functions on progress

The standard settings for the progress can be defined in the Options dialog  - Tab  Progress.

Progress Summary

In this area a summary of the progress is shown.

Activities in Progress group

This area is only visible if the activity progress method is advanced one.

In this grid all activities that are created along with the progress entry are listed. They were all created from the same planning activity. The Activity ID is the same, but the suffix has been edited to.

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