Understand Activity Templates

Activity templates serve the purpose of creating activities on a time distance diagram. Within an activity template, the appearance of an activity is predefined as well as data for the calculation, cost, and resources. This data can be set later on individually inside an activity.

Select the main folder Tilos Explorer > Library > Activity Libraries > Activity Templates to show a structured list of existing activity templates inside the Working Window. Double-click to open the selected item for editing.

Select a required sub-level directory inside the Tilos Explorer > Library > Activity Libraries > Activity Templates to open the already existing Activity templates inside the Working Window.

Within the table are the important properties of an Activity template displayed.

The Activity attributes and further tabs of Activities are described in the section Objects/Activity.

click 'New Activity template' to add Activity templates or on  'Delete Activity template' to delete selected entries.

To edit an Activity template click  'Edit ...'.

Alternatively set a right mouse click inside the Tilos Explorer > Library > Activity Libraries on Activity Templates to create a 'New Activity Template (F3)'.

Exchanging Data with other Programs

Use your computer's clipboard to exchange data types from this list with other programs and vice versa. For more information, see the Export via the Clipboard help topic.

Import/export using the clipboard

Fields that can be exported

Item, Activity Template-ID*, Part-ID, Template Name, Activity Type, Include in legend, Sort field, Parent, Calendar, Method, Model, Planned, work rate, Quantity, Quantity unit, Set quantity by, Set work rate by, Work rate time unit, Import action, Import run number, and Tree level

Note:  There is no Import to Clipboard button as the import of activities is not allowed.

Copy Activity Templates to a New Project

For a new project

For existing projects

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