Edit Import/Export Profiles

Use the Edit Exchange Profile dialog to select the objects you want to add to the exchange scope of the current profile. Items, that are already in the profile are preselected. 

To make the data exchange as flexible as possible, profiles are used to define which objects should be exchanged and which attributes from the selected objects. Also for the exchanging applications, parameters are stored to control the exchange. For import and export, the same profile is used. The profile defines which objects are exchanged.

Important:  Make sure that Activity Identifier is always a Selected field when exchanging activities. It is needed to identify the activities.

Ways to access


Object settings

In the table, you can select the items to be transferred. When transferring an ASCII text file, only one object can be selected. Double-click the selected row or click <icon>, and the Exchange Settings dialog opens.

Exchange options

Select Activity ID so it is used for identifying. If Activity Global unique ID is selected, a text field with the name Activity Global unique ID is used. The Activity Global unique ID gets automatically generated for each activity before the export if it does not already exist. After generation and export, it should not be changed.


Note:  You can define separators only for tokens (separate from the global display of separators defined by your computer's regional settings) by selecting Tools > Options > Tokens. To customize the separators, both they and the general region have to be changed.

Note:  If your Activity List separators do not refresh after changing separators, select View > Restore Default Grid Layouts in the menu. Alternately, you can create a new Activity List so that the definition will be updated.

Change your operating system’s decimal and thousands separators

Export options

These options are only visible for export.

Import options

These options are only visible for import.

Note: Progress on the Activity level can only be updated through the Activity record if simple progress models are applied to the Activity.