Move Activities by Distance

Use the Copy Activities to New Location dialog to shift all activities that are on a defined station point by a certain value. This function is helpful if you insert an extra distance part because you need to do, e.g., a bypass in your pipeline.

Ways to access

  • Right-click an activity in a view and select Activity Creation > Copy Activities. Then use the By coordinates method to move the activities by a certain distance.


  • Beyond distance - All activities with start and end distance coordinates greater than the entered distance coordinate are shifted.

  • Shift by - Enter the value to which the activities should be shifted on the distance.

  • Size overlapping Activities - If you activate this option, all activities that cross the given distance coordinate are changed. Only the coordinates beyond the given value are changed and therefore their activities are sized.



Note: By this movement, Activities B and C are shifted by 500 (meters) to the right. Activity A has not changed. By activating the option Size overlapping Activities, Activity A is additionally lengthened by 500 (meters).

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