BIM Workflow in the Trimble Connected Construction Continuum

The TILOS-Connect integration is part of Trimble’s Connected Construction workflows. As an example, this workflow is now possible within the Connected ecosystem of Trimble:

  1. Use Quantm to find the optimal alignment from one point to another, such as for a new roadway corridor. Export this alignment as a LandXML file.

  2. Import the Land XML into Novapoint to add details to the road and other infrastructure, such as utilities, lighting, signage, etc. Export this infrastructure model as an IFC file. Export an XML file with mass haulage cut/fill volumes.

  3. Import the IFC file into Trimble Connect for sharing and visualization. Import the XML file into TILOS for task scheduling.

  4. In TILOS, lay out the cut and fill tasks along the time and distance axes. Each task will have common attributes like name, ID, begin and end dates, and start and finish stations along the alignment.

  5. Setup a connection between TILOS and Connect. In TILOS, you are then able to see the data hierarchy from Novapoint in Connect.

  6. Export your TILOS tasks to Connect to sync the two applications.

  7. In Connect, pick an object in the 3D model to see the associated TILOS task attributes, as well as other properties from the Novapoint model.

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