Drag-and-Drop in Grids and Trees

All drag-and-drop options can also be executed using CTRL + C and CTRL + V.

Other library items and Graphic library items

Dragging these library items inside the same table creates new items. The new item has a suffix (Copy) to identify that this is a copy of the original data).

Dragging these library items between 2 Tilos sessions, then if an item with the same name exists, this is updated. If it does not exist, then a new one is created.

Accounts and Resources

Works the same as above. Units or currencies that do not exist in the destination project are copied as well.

If the library is constructed as a tree, whole trees can also be dragged.

Activity Templates

Inside project

Selected item on root level dropped at root level: A copy from the whole structure is created. A new part ID is created.

Selected item on root level dropped in lower level: The item is moved to the lower level. The part ID stays but the path is updated.

Selected item on lower level: The item is moved to the position where the drop is performed.

Across project

Depending on the drop position the following actions are executed:

If in drop level an item with that part ID exists, it is updated. If not, then a new item at this position is created.


When activities are copied between activity lists, then always new activities are created with new IDs.

If Activities are copied across the projects the corresponding data are also copied such as links, and resources. If they refer to items that are not in the library of the destination project, they are created. For Activity templates, resources and accounts the ID is used to check if an item exists. Otherwise, the name of the simple items is checked.


This is a special case that can be used for merging data between different planning states.

If the sub-project already exists (ID) then it gets completely replaced with the data from the copied sub-project. Activities keep their IDs like in the source project.

Links between subprojects get lost. However, there is workaround to export them before merging the sub-projects and import them later again. We will automate this in later versions.


If an integrated view is copied inside the project, then only the cell structure and the reference to the content is copied. The data stay as they are independent of the view.

If the view is copied across the projects then also the sub-projects and Activities are copied based on the rules above.

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