Synchronize Activity Speed

Use the Calculation tab to synchronize two activities that have the same slope. This works only if the quantity and work rate have been assigned for the predecessor and the Calculate field is set to Duration or None.

Ways to access

  • Select an activity in a time-distance view and click the Calculation tab in the Object Properties pane.


Activity B synchronizes its rate automatically to activity A.

Figure: Synchronizing Activity Speed

Synchronize the rate of activities with the same slope

  1. Select activity B and check the settings in the Object Properties pane > Calculation tab.

To synchronize the successor:

  • The Calculate field for the successor must be set to Duration and a Quantity must be entered.


  • The Calculate field for the successor is not set.

  1. Select the predecessor activity.

  1. Click-and-drag the link icon to the next activity until the cursor changes to Edit the properties for the selected link in the Object Properties pane > Link tab.

  2. Select the Link Type.

  3. Activate the Synchronize successor speed option. ...

  4. Calculate the activity by pressing F9 on your keyboard or clicking the Reschedule icon on the toolbar.

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