Create Logistic Activities

Use the Create Logistic Activity dialog to calculate the Drive in and Drive out of the train from and to the next station (assuming that the work along the track is performed by one or more trains). This option is a special function for rail works.

Ways to access

Drive In

The drive-in activity is created between the given point on the distance axis and the start of the activity. The duration can be calculated based on the train speed and on the distance between start and finish. This can be a constant speed or a speed profile based on a distance profile. This data can be set in the activity calculation tab. The settings stored in the template are used.

There is also a start-to-finish link created from the selected activity to the drive-in activity. The link option Synchronize Successor is activated, so any change in the distance of the activity will also update the drive in activity. Also the option: Update Train Setup on Reschedule is set. So, changes in train configuration of the master Activity change also the train setup of the support train.

Add the name of a station point from a profile: If a distance profile is used to calculate to set the start of the drive-in activity, then the name of the profile line gets copied to the activity name.