Understand Resources

Understanding Resources

Use the Resource view and Resource Properties dialog to create and edit resources. Resources are for example employees, equipment and materials that are necessary for Activities in projects.

Types of resources you can create

As soon as resources have been created, they can be allocated to Activities. These allocations represent employees, equipment or material necessary for completing an activity. The use of individual resources can be graphically displayed using Histograms or Resource Profiles. By creating resource allocations, you can identify times with too much or too little allocation.

Ways to access


Exchanging Data with other Programs

Use your computer's clipboard to exchange data types from this list with other programs and vice versa. See Export via the Clipboard and Import via the Clipboard for more information.

Import/export using the clipboard

These fields can be exported/imported:

Resource, Resource name, Resource ID, Operation, Model, Unit, Operation, Value, Type, Unit cost, Currency, Import action, and Import run number

Further information

Build a Resource Library