Set Activity IDs

Use the Set Activity ID (sub-project level) dialog to generate an activity ID.

Ways to access

  • On the menu, select Tools > Options > Activity tab. Next to Activity ID format, click Generate ID.

  • Press F10. In the Global Change dialog, choose the Set Activity ID option and click OK.


The following options are available for the definition of the Activity ID:

  • Keep Activity ID unique on file level - Tilos applies a unique Activity ID for all Activities in the file (several subprojects).

  • Keep Activity ID unique on the subproject level - Tilos applies a unique Activity ID for the Activities of the currently selected subproject only.

  • Skip

  • Start value

  • Prefix - Fixed entry.

  • Number format - The value to be generated with left-hand zeros.

  • Suffix - Fixed entry.

The Start value is used for the first Activity and counted on for the next Activities using the Increment.

If only new Activities should have an Activity ID (created with the options in the dialog), activate the option 'Generate for new Activities'.