Set Sector Type-Based Speed Profile Properties

Use the Activity tab to define sector-based speed and values for the activity. See Calculate: Duration (speed from sector profile).

Ways to access

  • On the Activity tab > Calculation, set the calculation mode to Duration (Sector-based speed).

Note: You can no longer define speed in a sector profile. The Speed token (now obsolete) and Speed column have been removed from the Sector Profile Properties dialog. If you have an earlier project in which sector speed was defined in this way, the column and values will remain visible in that project.


  • Sector types are defined in the library.

  • A Sector Profile is defined in the Library > Distance Axis Definition.

  • A Sector profile has been assigned to the activity. The duration of the activity is calculated based on the Base speed set in the tab Calculation.

Use the icon to manage the line content of the table.

Each line refers to the Sector Type. To enter the speed for each Sector Type, enter it in the Sector-based working speed dialog - Here is where you now set the speed per sector. The speed units can be set in tools options tabulator tokens. Speed1 is used.

Then uninstall the time at the beginning of the sector and the installed time at the end of the sector can be entered. This delays the activity by the given time.

Each grid line couple represents a sector. If the activity meets such a sector, then the speed designed above is applied as well as the setup time.

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