Position Activities

Use the Activity Details tab to edit a selected activity over a new object's default area.

Ways to access

  • A selected activity can be edited over the new objects default area as well as on the Coordinates of the Activity details tab.

Edit coordinates

  • Enter the start and end of the distance. Alternatively, you can select from a list of defined station points.

  • The position of an activity on the distance can be defined through sectors.

  • You can change the direction on the distance with the button change direction.

  • Enter a start date and the duration; the end date will be calculated.

You can change this behavior in Tools > Options > Activity.

  • When entering a start- and end date an activity is moved. You can change this option in Extras - Option in the tab Activity.

  • The duration of an activity can be entered or shown in different time units. The time unit and formats to be used are set in Settings.

The formatting used can be set in Tools > Options - Project > General.

  • Enter the start and end on the activity's line. Alternatively, you can select defined station points from a list, or activities can be assigned to a sector via the Sector field.

  • For rescheduling, you can specify that an activity always starts at the beginning of the day.

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Further information

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