Understand BIM Data Exchange/Sync

When you are scheduling or monitoring progress on a large, linear construction project in Tilos, you can better visualize the structures that the tasks refer to. When you are done building the schedule and want to see where tasks are planned/work is taking place in a more graphical way, link the tasks to 3D BIM objects in Trimble Connect or Trimble Quadri for an enhanced visualization experience. Your Tilos workflow remains unchanged. Viewing your project as BIM objects is a new, easy feature with quick benefits: BIM models can provide rich infrastructure information. 


Have you ever wished that there were another dimension available to visualize the planning and scheduling of your large and linear construction project?  Well, it is now possible with the TILOS connection to BIM!  Once built, a schedule file can be linked to 3D BIM objects in Trimble Connect for enhanced visualization and graphical context. The TILOS workflow remains the same prior to linking to BIM, so those who are not ready for BIM will not have to change their existing workflow at all.   But for those who wish, connecting to BIM is a simple integration from the desktop, and then you can do your work in Connect web to link tasks and work elements to increase project insight.

What is BIM?

Per the US National Building Information Model Standard Committee:

“Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.” 

Traditionally, BIM has been used to model vertical construction (buildings), but BIM models for civil engineering and infrastructure are increasingly available:

In TILOS, BIM can be a collaborative tool that allows engineering and construction stakeholders to understand the planning and progress of a project within the context of a 3D environment. This allows team members to make informed project decisions that take into account detailed scheduling information alongside the physical representation of a project. For more about how groups across Trimble are using and promoting BIM, see: https://constructible.trimble.com/bim