Analyze Progress

By analyzing the progress based on a certain timestamp, Tilos can calculate the probable further course of the project.

Ways that progress can be recorded

  • Simple progress identifies a part of an activity as progressed without splitting it. This is mainly used in combination with other project management programs. The value is given in %. …

  • Advanced progress is entered related to a report date; it reflects both:

    • progress on the time

    • progress on the distance axis

After progressing, the activity is split into a:

  • performed activity

  • not-performed activity, which is set by an activity flag

On entering many progresses on an activity, many performed and not-performed activities can be created. For evaluation purposes, these activities are called Progress groups.

  • Microprogress is entered without immediate analysis, so reports from the site can be entered daily or weekly. The progressed part of an activity can be displayed as a separate activity line parallel to the planned activity. This allows you to monitor the differences without rescheduling. At a later step, an analysis/progress can be done. Then the activities are split in the same way as internal progress.