Shortcuts & Function Keys

Use the following shortcut key combinations and function keys (usually the top row on your keyboard) to navigate the application and perform activities more efficiently than selecting with a mouse.

Function Keys

F1 Open Context-sensitive Help System

F2 Edit Mode For Text Fields

F3 Insert New Entries In Grids

F4 Insert New Sub-entries In Structured Grids

F5 Refresh The Active View

F6 Not Used

F7 Call For Selected Activity, Activity, and Resource Editor

F8 Call List To Insert Tokens Into Text Fields (Only In Context Text Field For Annotation)

F9 Launch A 'reschedule'

F10 Call 'global Change' Dialog

F11 Calls 'enter Progress Dialog' For The Selected Activity

F12 Call 'dashboard Dialog'

  • Multi-Select - Press the Control key while selecting multiple objects. All objects will be in the selection.

  • Order-Select - Press the Alt key while selecting an object. If there is more than one selectable object at this place, the next Alt-click gets the next object selected.

  • Multi-Edit Grid Columns - Press the Alt Key down while selecting multiple cells in a grid column. Then right-click the selection and choose "Fill down" to copy the value of the first selected cell to all other selected cells.

  • Copy Paste - CTRL + C copies the selection to an internal buffer.

  • CTRL + V pastes the content of the buffer. You must be in the same context, e.g., a selection of Activities copied in a time-distance cell can only be pasted into another time-distance cell.

  • Incremental Search - CTRL + I enables you to perform an incremental search for text in a list, such as the Activity List, Link List, or Resource List. Enter a specific text ‘string’ by typing the characters. Find the next matching string in the list (including in following columns) by pressing the down arrow key.

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