Create Actual Resources

In addition to planned resources, you can enter actual resources into an activity. Use the Allocations (actual) tab and Add Actual Resources For Planned Resources option to copy the resources from the planned resources. Actual resources and their costs are booked to a certain date. These actual resources and costs can be reported as Actual data on the Dashboard.

Note:  You do not need to allocate the actual resources to an individual activity within a timetable. You can create a separate activity over the total time and collate the actual resources there.

Ways to access


Enter actual resources in an activity

Note:  If the Allocations (actual) tab is unavailable, check the Enable resources and accounts on the Tools > Options > Visibility tab.

The other input values behave in the same way as planned resources.

Take the entered planned resources as actual resources

In the libraries, confirm that the Collect actuals option is enabled for the resources you are using in your project.

Evaluate actual resources in a histogram

Further settings for histograms can be taken from the Reference  - Histogram.