Define Custom Color Palettes

Use the Custom Color Palette to define and name your own colors for the display of objects. The colors of the color palette are an essential part of the Tilos file. Using export and import, this color palette can be exchanged between different Tilos files.

Ways to access


Add, edit, and delete colors 

Add a New Color

After you have created user-defined colors, deleted or imported, click the button Apply Change.

Only then the color palette is updated in the selection lists of Tilos.

Export/Import user-defined color palette

 The colors are added to the already existing colors.

Using the button Delete All, all colors of the user-defined color palette are deleted.

Edit Color Codes

Note: When defining Color codes, take care that the value that you have allocated a color to, is also the value in the resource profile that is written as a number.

If you create gradation in steps of 10, only the steps of 10 in the resource profile are displayed with a number. Any values in between are not considered (values between 0-10 = 10, values between 11-20 = 20 etc.).

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