Display Calendars

Use the Display tab to display a calendar in a time-distance cell. For the time-distance cell, it can be defined which calendar should be displayed and if the calendar displays the work and free time as per day rounding or as an exact minute. Per-day rounding does not show the daily free time (e.g., at night).

Ways to access

Per Day (Day Definitions)

Figure: Displaying A Calendar

Exactly (Time Types)


Note:  The changed colors for the display mode are changed for all calendars!

Display calendar breaks for activities in a different line style

Display activitiy breaks at non-working time

Due to the fact that a calendar automatically lies on its own calendar layer, you should simply change the order of the layer so that the calendar layer lies above the Activity layer. 

Note: To avoid completely hiding activities, make the colors of the working times/working days transparent!