Adjust Activities Using an Activity Template

An activity library template is a template for an activity you want to create or import. These templates contain all information about an activity, from its appearance to how it is used in calculations. All of these properties are included whenever you create an activity.

Use the Adjust to Template dialog to update existing activities based on template changes you have made or use the Modify Template for this Import dialog to import activities based on an activity template. The two dialogs have the same options, but your selections are remembered for each independently based on whether you are updating or importing activities.

Ways to Access


You can set options and add filters so that:

With the settings, you can also opt to:

You have control over which Display, Detail, Annotation, Resource and Category Assignment, Calculation, and Progress values are copied from an activity template to one or more activities.

Note: If you make changes to activities based on a template using the steps below, and then decide to revert those changes, you have two options:

Settings for updating existing activities

Use these settings to define which information related to an activity template is subsequently transferred to existing activities. You  have control over which of these values are copied from the activity template to an activity:

Note: To reset all of the selections ("start fresh"), click the Default button at the bottom of the dialog.

Note: These settings persist per project (they are remembered are stay consistent when you reuse the function within the same project).

Annotation Adjustments

Figure: Selecting an activity template annotation

Note: Quantity factor is not imported in text import; The value quantity factor is not imported into the activity. Do not use this to update calculation data from a template.

To prevent the settings from overwriting multiple selected activities in real subprojects, as well as activities in activity groups, you can choose:

Additional settings for updating activities upon import

These additional options appear when you choose to update imported activities using an activity template:

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