Set Up Text Panel Columns (presentation)

Use the Presentation tab to control display and numeric formatting in Gantt chart text panel columns.

Ways to access

  • Right-click the header of any Gantt chart text panel column, and select Edit Column. Click the Presentation tab.

  • Click the Presentation tab on the Text Panel Column Setup dialog.



  • Width - Set the width of a column, given in centimeters (cm).

  • Alignment - Choose a preferred text alignment between Left, Center and Right. (Except 'Bar line title' with the usual standard setting 'Left'.)

  • Private font settings - Overwrite the column header settings. The corresponding Font option turns into the active mode. Click the Edit font settings icon and set user-defined font formats.


  • Date format - Shows the format of the date-related columns, set user-defined formats by the input field.

  • System setting - dd/mm/

  • Distance unit - The activated drop-down menu corresponds to the distance-related columns.

  • km | km+ | m | Mile post | Miles + Feet - This is a list from the library of distance units and can be changed.

  • No decimals - (disabled by default)

  • Duration unit - Shows the format that corresponds to duration-related columns. These durations can be freely formatted using any time units in Library | Other Libraries | Units.

  • Possible selection are:

    • calendar days | Working days as fixed entries

    • All time units are set in library units.

Reference Value

  • Calculate reference values - Combined with the operator, this enables the calculation of the displayed value according to the following concept:


If the value to print is numeric then a transformation can be done. Then the result of that transformation will be printed.

  • Reference field - Choose the corresponding value to the calculated item.

  • Function - Choose 'Division' or 'Subtraction'. Date-related information displays only 'Subtraction'.

  • Data source - Choose 'Planning' or 'Baseline'. The active status of the drop-down menu corresponds to user-defined settings.

Conditional Formatting

  • Enable conditional formatting - Display a colored value or symbol.

  • Print circle instead of value - Optionally, display a colored circle instead of the value. The color is taken from the chosen interval color.

  • Interval Color - Choose the color of the interval.