In addition to the Tilos - Trimble Connect integration, you can also visualize the planning and scheduling of your linear construction project with the Tilos connection to Trimble Quadri! 

Utilizing the Quadri Task Connector API, it is now possible to set up a bi-directional data exchange link between Quadri and Tilos, giving schedulers direct access (no file transfers) to all design data within the Quadri BIM model. Any modifications made to the BIM model can later be easily updated and analyzed in Tilos. As the connection is bi-directional, it is also possible to “publish” the schedule back to Quadri, making its information accessible to all other users with access to the Quadri BIM model.

Note: Quadri is an object-based BIM model, as opposed, for example, to Trimble Connect which is a file-based BIM model. These are two different approaches, so it depends on what you are trying to achieve and your requirements. If the primary requirement is easy and simple, and your BIM project can be defined or modeled using IFC files, Trimble Connect is recommended as a first approach. 

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