Set Time Grid Line Properties

Use the Time Grid Line Properties dialog to define individual grid lines within a time grid.

  • Enter a name for the grid line in the field Label or select a Token with the F8 Key. Should this text be used on the grid lines, activate the option Enable for Label Display additionally.

  • For a regular grid line, enter the repetition in the field Interval.

  • Select the Unit for the repeat frequency from the list of available units.

  • Select the Style, Line Color, and Line Width for the grid lines. These are only simple line definitions, no vector lines.

  • Should the grid line be displayed over the whole time (within the view) check the Entire time box. If you deactivate this check box, the grid lines are drawn over the entered time area.

  • If you enter the same date for the Start and End of the grid lines, you will have a line at this point in time.

  • Should the grid line be entered over the whole distance (within the view) check the Entire distance box. If you deactivate this check box, the grid lines are drawn over the entered distance area.

Ways to access

  • In the Tilos Explorer, expand Project Data > Time Axis Definition > Time Grids > Time Grid Properties. Click the Add icon.


Time Profile

If a time profile is selected, then all dates/timelines of the time profile are displayed additionally in the time grid.

  • Display only profile values - Sets the Interval to 0. Result: Only the specified time grid lines from the profile are displayed.

  • Background like sector color overwrites the selected color of the line with the color from the allocated sector type. If the time profile lines have different sector types, each line can be displayed with a different color

  • Color lines by sector color - The background of the cell gets colored with the color of the assigned Sector type: Between one and the following profile line the color of the following line is displayed.

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